My Baby

My baby’s name is Itty. I like her because she is plush, like a real baby. She has tiny toes and fingers. Her head is easy to clean because she has no hair. She wears onesies and diapers. On holidays, she wears dresses and shoes.

My baby has a stroller. She has a high chair and food. She has a crib with blankets and pillows. She has a dog and a bed for her dog. Her wardrobe is as big as mine. I make sure to change her diaper every day and feed her from her bottle and close her eyes when she sleeps. Some days I forget about her and she never opens her eyes, but she is always fine. 

One day my baby’s arm got ripped off of her body. She got sent to the hospital and came back to me wearing a hospital gown and a new arm. I was relieved.

My baby’s name is Itty. I want to name my real baby Fiona, after my finger puppet. I will sleep next to my baby with my nose on her soft chest. She will finally smell like a real baby. Her head will be easy to clean because she will not have a lot of hair.

My baby will be fat. I will feed her from my breast, even in public. My baby will smile and cry, but most of all, she will laugh. I might share my baby with someone else, but she will be mine. She will come from inside of me, even if I have to put her there myself.

I will give my baby Itty once she realizes she wants a baby like me. Every Christmas and birthday, I will give her one of Itty’s outfits.

My baby will keep Itty. Maybe she will forget about her. Maybe she will give her to her baby. No one will get an arm ripped out of her body and no one will have to go to the hospital, unless it is to deliver a baby.