Cape Cod

She didn’t have to–
I think that was the first time, no, no, I, I think that was the first time, the first time that I went down to, I went–
Do you remember that though?
And did Daddy sneak into your room that night?
That’s not–
That’s right we were down there, for uh, a day before they came back, we were–
I don’t remember that–
Without them you mean?
No I don’t remember that.
No I think they just went out for the day–
Where were they coming back from? Oh they went on a day trip–
From Hyannis.
From Hyannis yup. They’d probably gone over to, uh [??]–
Yeah uh–
That’s what it was.
One of those places.
Yeah, it was a hot day I remember that.
Did Frankie like going to beach or was he kind of just along for the ride wherever she wanted to go?
Well, he, he’d go and lie down and bake.
Right, ahh–
I remember–
And, that’s where you got your proclivity to–
My mother had made me a beautiful, um, halter dress, you know, o- orange, it was orange, right in style now, always in style. So snazzy, she made me the snazziest clothes–
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and that’s what you wore–
I can remember that’s what I wore–
Nanny was probably like–
Wishin’ she had ever looked as good as you looked.  
Well you took her name. Which she didn’t like anyways right?
Took her name? Saner?
No she didn’t like my name, she didn’t–
Up, up in uh–
She hated the name Julia, ‘cause it was a dirty Polish girl.
I didn’t, I don’t remember that.
Up, up in New York beach, my mother and I stayed in a little cabin–
And my father would maybe come up on the weekend or next week–
And my mother was on, a, uh, uh, a, a kit to lose weight–
She would have me go out and uh, and try to find her some sauerkraut–
Squeeze cabbages?
Sauerkraut juice?
That was the fad diet–
And she–
Probably right?
And she made the damndest face when she drank it if I found it.
Oh my God, they don’t even sell sauerkraut juice anymore–
They have to buy a can of sauerkraut–
We’d buy sauerkraut and squeeze it out–
Yup, yeah.
Was she always on kits to lose weight?
Ahh, she was always worried about that yeah.
What woman isn’t?
I found a better spot up there, I’d go out after that–
And buy some blueberry muffins–
I’ll bet she–
And then she’d eat them.
And then she’d eat three of those, right?
She’d have a blueberry muffin after.
Wash it down with sour croute.
That’s great.
Oh that’s funny.
That is funny.
Even as a little kid I can remember her always, you know she loved me to pieces because I was her grandchild, but there was always, um a really envy edge, she’d always say look at your lips, they’re so red, or look at your eyebrows they’re so dark, or look at your fingernails they’re so beautiful.
And I felt like she was always envying my youth, did you ever feel like that?
But in a way that I would think a grandparent wouldn’t vocalize, if you were, I don’t know, you know what I mean?
And then there was the Golden Rod up there, that was uh, the ice cream place and they used, they used to make taffy, and they’d, and they’d make the taffy in the wind- the big window you know–
Yup, oh they would do that in the Vineyard, yup.
One of these machines that would go around, and they would crank–
Where’s this Dad, in Maine?
York Beach.
York Beach.
York Beach.
There’s a beautiful lighthouse too–
We tried to get a place on York Beach, ‘member? Couple years back.
We did–
And we had it–
Almost got a house and then–
We had a deposit for the, for all of us and it fell through–
Because what it was already rented and the guy didn’t know it?
They had miscommunicated yeah–
Yeah the realtor, that’s right–
And that’s how we ended up on the Vineyard.
That was, that was, we were going to start there I forgot–
The water’s too cold.
Yeah it’s cold there.
But I can still swim there.
But you can go in up in [??]–
Yeah, Nov- Nova Scotia, that was brutal, the w- the o-, the beaches were beautiful but there was no way–
We went in up at Ogunquit–
We never had trouble going in Ogunquit, I think, I don’t know why it always seemed warmer there for some reason.
Than York? But York is South of Ogunquit.
I know but, sort of the way maybe um, the um–
Stream. Or whatever.
The Gulf Stream.
Well that’s why the waters were all cold because–
That’s an incredible beach.
The Gulf Stream goes South of the Cape Cod–
And that’s why the beaches, Falmouth has warm water.
So there’s an upstream there you mean?
That beach is incredible though, the sandbars on that beach, yeah, I’ve never been, I’ve only seen it, but I’ve never actually–
You’ve never been to Ogunquit before?
I think I swam there once–
I’ve been to the beach but off-season–
Yeah, we always went up for the Christmas thing.
Ohh, it’s a, it’s a pretty beach.
And I w- and I did hike–
We ate there with Mom once though–
What’s the trail? What’s the trail that you hike?
Yeah and we ate with Mom somewhere.
Along the edge, along the edge of the ocean–
Yeah what’s that called ‘cause you have pictures of Julia, you took Julia, ‘member?
Down into [??] Cove. Yes that’s right. That’s right. I love that up there. That’s, uh, a lot of people go up there in the winter just for the beauty though.
It is beautiful.
Well did you notice the picture going into our little cottage, back there? There’s a picture of it right inside the front door of it in deep winter covered with snow.
It’s a neat picture.
I’ll have to look.
Well that house covered in snow, looked like something I would’ve spent–
[??] the A-frame–
The A-frame–
Which couldn’t get covered in snow–
Which wouldn’t get covered in snow.
Cause it would slide off, yeah.
Yeah I like Robbie’s place better than ours. I mean it’s, I, I do–
Well it’s better for gatherings, but it’s, I like your upstairs it’s very sweet.
It’s, I like having a second floor–
I like having an upstairs–
Bottom line.
That’s, that’s what appealed to me about it.
What I liked about your place–
No I like it fine–
When it’s time to clean up your place I think it’s going to be the simplest thing.
Yeah it is going to be easy.
We have to leave it really clean.
Yeah we do, pretty clean.
I’m bummed about that.
Well, I think–
It’s a hundred dollar authorization on my credit card.
Well, yeah no Robbie I mean I think we have to, they still come in, I mean–
They said they sterilize it, but they want it left like we found it and it was clean.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But that’s how it is at the Vineyard, and we always left the Vineyard that way didn’t we?
Noo, all we did was vacuum we didn’t wash the bathrooms or anything. Yeah.
We ought to head back if we’re ever going to get up, huh?  
What up, to the next landing? Then I can walk down and–
Yeah why don’t I, I’ll push Lynne, you go [??].
No if they want to stay longer we don’t have to–
Well we’ll go to the next landing–
We have two cars too, so I, I am fine leaving if anybody wants to stay later.
Well, I’ll go and see what the–
Yeah why don’t you see what the–

Because um–
He was younger than that Bob.
He left school–
Mom, Aiden took all the chips.
And he went to work–
Aiden, you took all the chips.
To raise the rest of the family.
And what about the mom?
Let me see that Dad let me see that Dad–
She died young too.
Yup I don’t know when she died.
Do you remember what their names were? Those grandparents of yours?
We’re gonna be twins!
That’s a good question.
Ohh we looked it up–
‘Cause I always wanted to name my kids after, and those are two I never knew.
I don’t, I don’t know their names.
Yeah those are–
And then I know your side–
I’ve had chips–
You thought they were mine?
And wine–
We- we’ll use–
Will, William–
Some, similar to those but those ones are yours–
Giller [SP]–
Yeah but we’re talking the Saner side–
No I know, I’m talking uh, I’m talking uh Annie’s side.
No I’m fine, I’m fine, yes, none for me, none for me.
We had difficulty–
I think Liam just went up to get his.
That’s one thing we wanted to look up before we went to Switzerland–
I think that would be very pretty, especially with your bangs.
Oh you’re gonna get your hair braided?
And we really couldn’t find out, it was, Millie? Millie?
Millie Saner?
Millie, something like that and uh–
They were buried at St. Mary’s–
Oh so we could find that out.
That’s what we knew.
I think Liam is coming right now.
I would love to know what their names are.
That’s what you did you went and you got you had their names before we went to Switzerland so that we could–
But when we got to Switzerland–
And then I went over to their grave–
Is that, is that the grave near Annie [??]–
I screwed up.
Further down towards uh, King Street.
Thank you very much.
Am I hurting you?
Not at all.
So walk down and–
It’s just a little, it’s just a little stone, right?
If Amelia tells me I’m hurting her I just tell her to shut up.
Right Meals?
That’s because my head hurts.
So you don’t know, so Millie–
You have a sensitive head? I don’t–
I think I don’t know why–
She’s got massive tangles–
I, I have a sensitive head because I pull my hair a lot, so–
I’ll talk to you a little about it when I’m home, later, but not now, cause he’s, yeah.
Didn’t they come over though, from Switzerland?
As, as kids they came over?
No, as [??]. So they–
He, he, he was studying at the University of Paris.
I’m having a hard time adjusting to this.
Frankie’s father, Frankie’s father–
Yup, and he was studying to become a priest.
I don’t have any product in it or anything, I just let it dry.
Oh get out, wow. Nanny would’ve loved him!
Nanny would never’ve known him.
My mom would look cute with these.
True, true. I’ll have to do it sometime especially since her hair is so long.
It is so long.
And uh, I don’t know what happened but–
Meagan what’s your natural color?
It’s like umm, a medium brown–
He up and left, well he came over before she did.
A little bit lighter–
Like Robbie’s–
But they already knew each other or they met here?
They, no they met in Switzerland. My understanding is that they–
Kind of like Kimmy’s.
Like mine?
No, Kimmy’s.
They met–
They married before they came over. Yeah. But I don’t know whether it’s accurate it’s just what the   LeSalls [SP] used to, because I lived near them on Market Street–
Your hair is usually, it, it’s got more of the orange undertone than the red than you usually do–
So, from what that LeSall [SP] family–
Well one thing I do find really interesting–
Lucille LeSall [SP]? Lucille LeSall [SP] would’ve known them?
Did you do different color?
I did highlights and thought it would look cute and it didn’t so I dyed it.
Would of known of them, yeah.
Well what I find really interesting is that, being as different as your families were before you met, you both have a parent or two from Switzerland, which is really interesting.
I like it better more burgundy.
It is.
And this is two weeks old so that’s why it’s rinsed out a lot.
So you guys are half Swiss.
I know I’m half Swiss, yeah, yeah.